Friday, September 17, 2010

Get Visitors to your site EASY

This is somewhat of a pyramid scheme, but it's new so if you get in now you're guaranteed to profit. And its 100% FREE and will guarantee at least 100 visitors a month to your site (which will continue to increase over time).

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Ingenious Ideas for the 21st Century Lazy Person

These are some interesting ideas that I've found floating around the internet, and by implementing them into my life I have actually managed to increase my productivity by a good 20%. They also just make life more fun, and more convenient. Moreover, they are also useful bits of advice you can give to friends at the exact right moment to impress them (you never know when it might come up).

Earn Cash for Posting Links

It is such a simple and easy to use website. Basically if you have a website, blog, or even just casually send links to images, videos, or other things via e-mail or a messaging board, Link Bucks will pay you to redirect your links through them. All it will do is place a simple advertisement on the page that you link to people and they will pay you money for that!

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How to Live Long and Prosper

These are surprisingly simple tips for living a long and healthy life. Compiled from various sources (I did not discover any of these ;) )

Commonly Mispronounced Phrases

Here is a compiled list of phrases that people commonly say or use without knowing any better. I wish I could say I haven't made any of these mistakes, but let's face it, I've done my fair share.