Friday, September 17, 2010

Commonly Mispronounced Phrases

Here is a compiled list of phrases that people commonly say or use without knowing any better. I wish I could say I haven't made any of these mistakes, but let's face it, I've done my fair share.

Keep in mind this is supposed to be both educational and humorous ;)

Wrong Phrase Right Phrase
All intensive purposes All intents and purposes
Could of Could have
Supposively Supposedly
Use to Used to
Irregardless Regardless
I could care less I couldn't care less
Pacifically Specifically
Peaked my interest Peeked my interest
Here, Here Hear, Hear
Expresso Espresso
Just Desserts Just Deserts
Noone No one
Deers, Mooses, Gooses, etc... Deer, Moose, Geese, etc...
Old-timers Alzheimer's
Antartic Antarctic
Aks Ask
Athelete Athlete
Barbituate Barbiturate
A blessing in the skies A blessing in disguise
Excape Escape
Excetera Et Cetera
Febyuary February
Heighth Height
Mannaise Mayonnaise
Mute Moot
Mischievious Mischievous
A whole nother A whole other
Nucular Nuclear
Often Ofen (the t is silent)
Perscription Perscription
Prespire Perspire
Probly / prolly Probably
Pronounciation Pronunciation
Prostrate Prostate
Silicone / Silicon Silicon / Silicone (two different things)
Snuck Sneaked
Spade Spayed
Spitting image Spit and Image
Supposably Supposedly
Take for granite Take for granted
Tiajuana Tijuana (3 syllables)
Triathalon Triathlon
Upmost Utmost
Nuptual Nuptial
Opposed to Supposed to
Hot water heater Water Heater
Binded Bound

How did you score? For me these are mostly fond memories of my childhood ignorance, but I must admit to regularly using quite a few of these.

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